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What is Winning Margin bet? Tips for big wins for Newbies
Currently, football betting is one of the most beloved sports for many punters. When it comes to this game, we must mention the various and extremely attractive types of bets. Among them, the Winning Margin bet is one of the forms that many players prefer. So what are the characteristics of this type of bet and how to play it to increase your chances of winning big? Let's follow the article below from the bookmaker analysis site - Wintips to understand sure soccer tips more details about this content.

What is Winning Margin bet?
Winning Margin bet is another name for this type of bet set by bookmakers, also known as Winning Margin. This is a form of betting in which players will place bets based on the difference in goals in the upcoming match. At the same time, participants predict the exact difference in goals in the match. This will bring players an extremely attractive payout rate.
For this bet, you can also analyze and predict the result in the first half or the entire match. However, this type of bet will be calculated throughout the official playing time and added time. It does not include extra time or penalty shootouts. Therefore, in terms of time, the Winning Margin bet will be applied similarly to Asian handicap or over/under bets. Making accurate predictions will be very difficult. Therefore, this bet is only suitable for experienced players in predicting football scores.
Popular types of Winning Margin bets nowadays
After understanding the overview of the Winning Margin bet content, next, we will provide you with the current forms of this bet.
No Score Draw Bet
You will win when two teams play draw with no goals scored. That means the final result of the match is 0-0. Note that you will only win if both teams do not score any goals. If both teams draw but there are additional goals scored, you will lose the bet.
Score Draw Bet
Score Draw bet is a form of betting where players predict that both teams in a draw will score goals. This means both teams finish the match with the final result as: 1-1, 2-2, 3-3… then you will win. However, if the draw is with a score of 0-0, you will lose the bet.
Home Team to Win by Margin of x Goals
This type of bet aims to predict that the home team wins by a margin of x goals (x can be 1, 2, 3,… depending on your choice). As long as the home team wins and the number of goals scored by the home team minus the number of goals scored by the away team equals the chosen number x. In this case, you will win the entire winning amount.
Away Team to Win by Margin of x Goals
When choosing to play this type of bet, you predict that the away team will win by a margin of x goals (x=1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5,…). If the away team wins with a margin of x goals, then you will win the entire winning amount.
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Tips for playing Asian Handicap with easy winning margin
In order to help you achieve significant wins with Asian Handicap bets, here are some football tips website from experienced veterans.
Play Asian Handicap bets when there is a notable difference in team strength
During a match, there will be a significant variance in form and skills between the two teams. As well as differences in skills and physical condition. At this point, you should opt for Asian Handicap bets, especially when the two teams have contrasting strengths. Because if the two teams are evenly matched in terms of strength, their chances and ability to score goals will be similar. Therefore, players will find it difficult to predict the winning margin. Therefore, when you notice a clear difference in strength between two teams, you should bet on this.
Place multiple bets on the stronger team at once
Placing multiple bets on the stronger team is an extremely effective tactic when playing this type of bet. This means you will select the winning team and place multiple bets on the goal difference. For example, betting successively on a one-goal difference, two-goal difference, three-goal difference, or four-goal difference... This way, you won't miss out on the opportunity to win big and you'll have a higher chance of winning.
Bet when one of the teams has a strong attacking style
If a team possesses a strong attacking style and gameplay, then scoring goals will undoubtedly be more likely to occur during the match. Betting enthusiasts should favor this type of bet in such scenarios. However, if the opponent is a team with a solid defensive style, then the risk of losing the bet will be considerably higher. Therefore, understanding the playing style is crucial when playing this type of bet.
Choose matches from major football tournaments
Currently, there are numerous large and small football tournaments around the world that are beloved by fans. You should choose major tournaments to play Asian Handicap bets. For example, major tournaments such as the World Cup, Euro, South American football tournaments, Bundesliga, AFF Cup, U21 Asian Championship... These tournaments are characterized by national pride and fervent competition. Therefore, players will give their all, fueled by a fierce desire to score goals. Consequently, the difference in the number of goals needed will be very apparent. Therefore, it is highly reasonable for players to choose this type of bet.
Know when to stop
For newcomers to betting, it is crucial not to be too greedy. What you need to do is know when to stop at the right moment. The main goal at this point is to secure a victory and possibly earn a certain amount of prize money through football betting. Therefore, you need to have experience in analyzing bets meticulously and keep yourself calm. This will help you accurately predict match outcomes and achieve significant wins.

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The above is the best information regarding Asian Handicap bets. Surely, everyone has a clearer understanding of this form of betting. Hopefully, you will have enjoyable and exciting betting experiences and remember to follow Wintips for the latest updates.


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